About Mark Amtower

Mark Amtower is the founding partner of Amtower & Company, of Highland, Maryland. He is recognized as a leading authority on Federal marketing and consults with senior management in several companies on government marketing programs. He currently sits on the Advisory Boards for the American Small Business Coalition, Diamond Mind LLC and the American Consultants League. He is the author of Government Marketing Best Practices, published in January, 2005. Keraderm España. Saint gobain weber España www.maralgelis.com/keraderm-espana/.

Since 1985, Amtower & Company has been providing critical marketing information to companies selling to the Federal government - both novices and experienced marketers alike looking to create, maintain and grow marketshare. Services from Amtower & Company include government mailing lists and targeted database development, consulting, in-house seminars, strategic corporate introductions, and competitive assessments.  Each year Mr. Amtower advises a carefully selected group of CEOs and other top managers at government contractors, manufacturers, and B-to-B catalog firms on matters concerning government marketing.

Mr. Amtower is a frequent contributor to national business publications, having written more than fifty articles for Catalog Age,  Catalog Success, DM News, Direct, Federal Computer Week, Government Executive, Government Technology Reseller, MC (Marketing Computers), Reseller Management, Target Marketing and others. His e-newsletter, The Amtower Report, is widely read by both the direct marketing and Federal marketing communities. He is frequently quoted in the Federal trade press and other business publications on matters relating to government marketing. He is a popular speaker at various industry events, including the Business Mailer’s Group, Direct Marketing to Business, Federal Channels, Grant Thornton’s CEO Government Roundtable, HighTech Direct, MacWorld Summit, MeritDirect B-to-B Coop, TechExpo, and several others.

The premier Amtower & Company seminar, Government Marketing Best Practices, launched in March 2002, has been attended by more than 500 companies, and over 1,200 professionals. Government Marketing Best Practices tours the United States each year, visiting 6-to8 cities. The seminar popularity led to the book of the same name. Amtower & Company also produces the annual B2G Catalog/DM2G Summit, held in Chicago every November. More than 7,000 professionals have attended his presentations since his first public session in 1991.

Mark Amtower is widely known for his candor in his articles and presentations.

Amtower & Company was founded in 1985.

Mr. Amtower resides in Highland, Maryland with his wife and two children.

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